Обучаем судей Центральной Азии европейским стандартам правосудия

“Aspectum.” Partner Mikhail Antonov developed and led several trainings on the methodology of drafting court decisions, focused on judgements in the Central Asia region.

The trainings were based on case studies and white papers authored by Mr. Antonov. The trainings presented the methodological manual of general principles of judicial decisions, which serves as a knowledge source for judges in the Central Asia region. Both the trainings and the methodology are based on international practice and principles of fair trials that are common in the Western rule of law legal tradition.

Ministers of Justice of multiple countries in the Central Asian region and representatives from the European Union attended the Fourth Ministerial conference in Astana on November 14-15, 2014. During this meeting, the need for the exchange of comparative legal data and experience was stressed by participants and a decision to organize the training led by Mr. Antonov was made.

Mikhail Antonov is a senior legal expert for the EU-Central Asia Rule Of Law Platform project. This project supports and facilitates political dialogue, as well as promotes legal reforms in the Central Asian countries. The project is funded by the European Union.

Mikhail Antonov, supported by French legal experts, led trainings on decision writing for civil, criminal and administrative court cases. These trainings were held in Dushanbe with the assistance of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan, and was attended by judges of the Supreme Court and lower Tajik courts.

Mikhail Antonov was a part of a group of eight instructors from France, Germany and Latvia who conducted regional training seminars on the methodology of court decisions writing in Bishkek. This training was supported by the Supreme Court and the Higher School of Justice of Kyrgyzstan and attended by a group of 60 Kyrgyz judges on October, 5-6, 2017.

The next training will be held in Ashgabat in November, 2017 for Turkmen judges.