Способствуем примирению сторон

The service rendering contract was concluded between the individual entrepreneur having applied to use for juridical assistance, hereinafter referred to as the Entrepreneur, and the heating equipment manufacturer. According to its conditions the Entrepreneur acting for the contractor should render consultation services in order to increase efficiency for production control system.

The Contract assumed active assistance on the part of the Customer, which was not adequately given, therefore, the proper service rendering has already become impossible in three months after the contract conclusion. The entrepreneur firstly stopped service rendering, and then had to refuse from the contract execution unilaterally. The Customer refused to sign certificates and pay for the rendered services, thereafter, we appealed to the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region with suit for recovery of debts and forfeit from the Customer to the benefit of the Entrepreneur.

During consideration of case А56-85777/2019 we could lead the parties to conclusion of amicable agreement, according to which the Customer paid to the Entrepreneur for the rendered services and compensated for all legal costs, in response to this the Entrepreneur refused from contract penalty.

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