We appealed a claim to the Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region on behalf of our client, a Russian company with Italian investment, against a Joint-stock company named “ICA Astaldi-IC Ictas WHSD Insaat Anonim Sirketi” (Turkey) which has several branches in Saint-Petersburg, to recover outstanding debt and contractually mandated penalties (case No A56-70344/2016).

Our client provided consulting services to the Turkish company during the construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter (ZSD) according to the General contract with LLC “Magistral Northern capital”. The Turkish company (the customer) had accepted the services provided by our client and undertook to pay them, but never fulfilled its financial obligations.

The Court decision was upheld as the Appellate Court agreed with our position and satisfied the motion in full under paragraph 1 of article 330, paragraph 1 of article 779, paragraph 1 of article 781 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation,.

Russian court decisions are difficult to execute in the territory of the Turkish Republic because there is currently no active agreement regarding the enforcement of judgments between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey.